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You need to be very sure when you entertain Verisure

Our client (a qualified accountant) invited Verisure Alarms Ltd to install an alarm system to protect his home and contents.

Verisure sent a ‘security expert’ to survey the client’s house, and advise the client of the most appropriate system for their needs.

Despite the recommended system and monitoring being more expensive than the basic, the client did not question the expert’s recommendation and instructed Verisure to go ahead and install the internal sensors, window and door tremblers, smoke units, 24-hour monitoring and everything else recommended to make their home secure.

Fast forward 2 years and an unfortunate visit from a burglar saw our client lose several £000s of jewellery. The burglar gained access via an upstairs window, removed the jewellery, and left by the same window. Nothing was detected by the Verisure alarm system.

When the client reported the burglary, Verisure sent another security ‘expert’ who started the visit by changing 10 of the batteries in various units of the alarm system.

When he saw the burglar’s entry point, a 2-unit window with 2 openings and one central fixed windowpane, he immediately stated that even if the trembler sensor had been installed correctly (which they weren’t), as it had been fitted to the right-hand opening window the sensor would never detect the burglars entry through the left-hand window section.

Having no other detection device in the upstairs area of the property, it transpired that the first ‘expert’ had left the upper area completely vulnerable.

According to the Verisure contract, the system is monitored 24/7 and will remotely identify any parts which are failing or not functioning, which also begs the question as to why expert No: 2 needed to change 10 batteries on his visit following the break-in.

When the client complained to Verisure and quoted the recent expert’s comments regarding siting and installation of the trembler on the upstairs window, Verisure quoted clause 5.3 which reads  

5.3 You acknowledge that the Equipment we have installed at your premises includes the items of equipment you have chosen yourself, after due consideration by you of your premises’ security requirements and you acknowledge and agree that Verisure’s responsibility under the Agreement is limited as set out in section 9.

This term, in short, seeks to remove any responsibility from Verisure for their ill-advised installation at the outset. So, if you engage Verisure to install an alarm at your premises and you yourself are not an expert in alarm systems, you could find yourself like our client, considerably out of pocket and fearful for the safety of your family in your own home.

If you need a contract checking over, whether for your security system or any other contracted service you may have for your home or business, schedule a call and we’ll let you know whether there are any points of concern that put you at risk. Our team at Fair Contract Associates have decades of experience in contract negotiation and have saved our clients millions of £s. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call today and have the peace of mind you deserve.