What constitutes a full system

Looking at the two images, which one would you say constitutes a ‘Full System?’

It has allegedly been the practice for a while now for salespeople to describe even the most basic photocopier as a ‘Full System’ on leasing documents.

Obviously, neither you or a Leasing company would pay the same for a basic copier as you would for a ‘Full System’ would you?

From recent experience it seems neither BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Limited or Xerox Finance Limited have much interest in exactly what they purchase.

When asked what a ‘full system’ comprises, both suggested the client should ask the seller,  pointing out that the client as the lessee had signed a legally binding lease document and a delivery note, each of which states ’Full System’, they say as they were not there when the documents were signed, nor did they select the seller or the equipment in question, it is not their problem, it is both the client and the seller who are at fault.

We found that to be a rather strange answer considering the actual question posed to them was, ‘could you confirm what you think you have bought, ie; what constitutes a ‘full system’.

We should point out that while the two leasing companies struggled with the question, the manufacturer; Ricoh, also could not, or would not answer the simple question “what constitutes a full system” their spokesperson also referred us to the dealer.

With all other avenues exhausted, we asked the dealer and they told us “it’s standard practice”, ”most salespeople call machines ‘full systems’ on lease documents”, “it’s just something we do” (Perhaps now would be a good time for you to check your lease agreements people).

So ask yourself, are you as a buyer really qualified to know what would constitute a ‘full system’ as opposed to a basic model or would you perhaps rely on the integrity of the seller to advise you correctly?

Might you take a little comfort in believing the Leasing company, who regularly purchase this type of equipment, have an existing relationship with the supplier and are after all the ones who will own this equipment to then rent to you, would know the difference between ‘Full System’ and a basic model? Surely the lease company have to account somewhere for the equipment portfolio and the value thereof, don’t they?.

But in our experience, leasing companies are rarely interested in such detail because you as the Lessee are contractually bound to pay the rentals for the full term whatever happens …… aren’t you?

If your lease or sales documents state ‘Full System’ but you are unsure what you have installed or are paying for, then contact us for advice and a free review, because if you haven’t got it, you shouldn’t be paying for it !!