Top 10 Tips for 2019

If you are about to enter into any agreements (new or upgrading) with a supplier of office equipment, before you sign anything, remember:

1. Never accept finance and servicing / usage charges as one single payment; they are separate elements – keep them separate on separate agreements.

2. ‘Inclusive copies’ on your copier are not free; you are simply paying in advance for a number of copies which, if you do not use, you lose. Only pay for copies when you have used them.

3. Do not entertain any copier deal where copies are called anything but images or copies; any variation will undoubtedly cost you dearly.

4. Any proposed change to printed contractual terms will undoubtedly need approval from a Board Director of the company who own the agreement.

5. Never sign any document which confirms you have equipment installed unless you are certain beyond any doubt that you have received that equipment.

6. Read all the terms of Lease or Servicing agreements and any supplier order forms.

7. Be certain you understand the meaning of all the terms of agreement you have read. If in doubt, read them again or ask someone to look over them.

8. Satisfy yourself 100% that the agreement/s will deliver all that the quotation promises.

9. Always, always, keep a photocopy of any documents you sign before they leave your sight.

10. You should receive a copy of any agreement you signed, when the other party has countersigned it. DO NOT just file it before checking it against the copy you took when you signed it. If you do not receive an executed copy within 45 days of signing, request one.

When you need help understanding the terms and conditions contained in micro print, contact us and for as little as £140, you could have a pre-purchase contract review which will highlight unfair terms and the effect they could have on your business.

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