The Free Trial

I spend a lot of my time reminding business people to read and understand agreements before they enter into them. I had assumed my immediate family understood the reasons why I go on so much!

However, yesterday I had absolute proof that my wife for one takes no notice of me whatsoever! She responded to an advertisement on her phone advertising some magic cream and a serum which would enhance the quality of her skin and lose those wrinkles. I confess to being amazed for two reasons:

1)  My wife has never to my knowledge given her bank card details online without at least 20 different checks on the company she is buying from.

2)  She might be within a couple of years of me age wise, but her skin is in very good condition and I assure you, she does not need wrinkle creams or potions.

Having obtained an account statement from the cash machine, she noticed two transactions which she said she had no knowledge of. So, convinced was she that some international blaggard had gained unauthorised access to her bank account, that she called her bank, stopped the payments and closed the account there and then.

It was then we recalled a couple of weeks previously she had been talking about a ‘free trial’ of wrinkle cream and how happy she was on receiving the cream and a serum, I should mention, she needed it so much that it was put on the shelf and left for when she gets around to trying it, after all it was only £9.95 postage for each item.

The package she received included details of how good the products allegedly are and how to use them but of course, she didn’t need to read all that stuff because applying cream is simple isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the terms and conditions of the ‘free trial’ printed on the back of the page were pretty clear in that; you have 14 days to try the product and if you decide you don’t like/want it, to obtain a returns number from the supplier.

If you don’t return the items within 14 days, you will be billed £49.99 for each item and 30 days later you will be billed the same again plus an extra £4.99 postage each for both the cream and serum and again every 30 days until you cancel the order.

It took over 35 minutes for the company to answer the telephone this morning, at which point the wife was able to vent her anger and cancel all future orders. However, it will take a little longer to get her bank account running again and a new debit card.

So please be very careful to check ALL of the terms when you buy or try online or from magazine advertisements, especially those that require you to pay for postage and packing via your debit or credit card and a free ‘trial’ is just that, a TRIAL, if you are not going to buy it, you must return it.

If you knew my wife, you might understand why I am going to be chuckling about this for days to come but seriously folks, do be careful to understand all of the conditions attached to ‘free offers’ and if you are considering a purchase a little more than £100.00 and you have any doubts, do take time to get a second opinion.