In order to have real meaning and not just another deceptive rouse, The Fairness Charter process has a number of grounding pointers.

  • As a qualifying supplier you must commit 100% to The Fairness Charter terms which cover sales behaviour, presentations, contract clauses, back office checks and review processes to identify and rectify any potential malpractice.
  • Confidentiality of your commercial information is paramount to us and 100% guaranteed at all times,
  • New contracts day forward, are audited on a statistical basis for each period.
  • There are fees to pay based on annual turnover.
  • There are penalties: we operate a ‘3′ strikes and you’re out policy’.
  • We understand that, despite the best of intentions, mistakes can occur. If they do, affected clients are informed and if appropriate, compensated, changes to internal processes may need to be made. There may also be some element of staff retraining needed. However, if this occurs 3 times during any 18 month period, you risk removal from The Fairness Charter accreditation …….. forever.
  • Once qualified, you will be licensed to use Fairness Charter, logos, sales pack and to have your current contracts vetted, once approved, they can be printed with a Fairness Charter seal, (we can arrange printing for you).
  • Your details are added to The Fairness Charter web pages where buying groups and potential customers are encouraged to go to find approved suppliers in their geographical area / postcode. Each search should return at least 3 dealers in an area and each listing includes statistical results of the audit for each company featured.
  • We publicise the fact that you are accredited and committed to The Fairness Charter
  • However, should a dealer fail the 3 strikes rule, the failure will be noted prominently on The Fairness Charter web pages.  Similar notices may appear on both social and other media networks noting the fact that the failing dealer is no longer accredited or able to operate under The Fairness Charter.
  • The Fairness Charter is the new way for you to gain and retain customers, it’s painless, it works and if you can see the benefits, then this is your opportunity to get on board.

If you feel you are ready to commit to The Fairness Charter, complete the application form here or email us and we will contact you