The Fairness Charter demonstrates the commitment of each member to adopt the principles of fairness in every interaction with clients and they agree to the following:

  • To be honest, open and transparent in all aspects of their relationship with, existing and potential clients, irrespective of the size or nature of their business.
  • To submit to a regular and thorough audit of their processes, services, agreements and documentation used in regard to their relationship and interaction with their customers.
  • To allow a duly authorised auditor of The Fairness Charter, unhindered, unlimited access to staff, customer related sales and service documentation including access to the customer, where necessary.
  • To have audit results published via The Fairness Charter web pages, for potential customers to view during their buying process.
  • To correct all issues bought to their attention as a result of an audit or otherwise, within 10 working days of such notice being received and to inform the customer in writing of any remedial action which is taken on their behalf.
  • To include within their sales proposals an information sheet explaining the ethos of The Fairness Charter, which will include notice of known industry malpractices and will highlight some of the miss selling issues currently associated with the office equipment industry.
  • To ensure each of their staff members are fully aware and compliant with The Fairness Charter, treating customers with courtesy, fairness and respect during each contact to preserve and enhance the good name and reputation of the member company.
  • All parties agree the decision of The Fairness Charter mediator as final and binding in all matters concerning customer disputes.