There is no automatic right of inclusion, you need to contact us for an assessment of your eligibility and while every supplier has the opportunity to take an assessment, there is no guarantee of inclusion.

Before applying you should satisfy yourself that your company is willing and able to comply with the terms of The Fairness Charter.

Once you are satisfied you want to adopt The Fairness Charter, complete the application form or email us and we will contact you.

We aim to process applications within 14 days of receipt. Once your application has been received we will send you an assessment fee invoice; the assessment fee is non-refundable in any event. We accept payment by electronic bank transfer or cheque.

Please note; completion of an application form, or payment of the assessment fee, does not constitute acceptance of or, participation in, The Fairness Charter.

Your company, its employees and anyone acting on your behalf are not entitled to display the Fairness Charter logo or claim membership of the Scheme unless and until you have undergone a successful assessment process and received a Certificate of Membership from us. If your application is successful, details of your membership will be communicated by letter.