When you embrace The Fairness Charter philosophy you place yourself at a distinct advantage:

  • You will differentiate your Company from the competition as being a supplier that is independently verified to be fair and ethical, yet remaining commercially profitable.
  • We can assist you by supplying independent education material to inform and make end users aware of the scams some of your competitors practice while they hide behind headline low pricing.
  • By adopting the ‘Fairness’ approach, you, the supplier, put yourselves in a much better position to win the business from buying groups and dramatically increase the volume of quality sales leads.
  • Because you have openly committed to be fair and honest to your clients and you demonstrate your behaviour over a period of time, you are much more likely to retain existing clients when their contracts come up for renewal. We all know retained business is much more cost effective than new.
  • You have an excellent opportunity to remove competitors who are not signed to The Fairness Charter from the race. Naturally the earlier you commit, the more likely you will be the only local supplier to have a contract which is verified as ‘fair’.
  • As this is a radical approach within the industry, you could easily find yourself with positive press coverage and quality recommendations from clients as they start to become real fans of your business.
  • We encourage buying groups, to buy from our approved and regulated suppliers, offering their members the security of safer buying decisions. As a participant in The Fairness Charter you could expect to receive quality local referrals from these buying groups.

Are you ready to change the industry? Commit to The Fairness Charter now, complete the online application form here or email us and we will contact you.