Royal Mail Scam

More than a thousand Brits have been targeted in just one week by scammers pretending to be from Royal Mail.

Action Fraud has issued a warning detailing the con, which aims to steal personal and financial information. The victims received emails purporting to be from Royal Mail, telling them they had missed a delivery and had a parcel waiting for them.

A link within the email takes the recipient to a genuine-looking Royal Mail website where they are asked to input their bank card details to pay a re-delivery fee for the parcel. Their financial details are then harvested, leaving them vulnerable to fraud or theft.

Fair Contract Associates founder Chas Jordan said: “These scams are getting more and more sophisticated and people should be extremely careful before ever entering their bank details on a website or in response to an email.

“The fake Royal Mail website in this scam even contains a phony coronavirus update and is almost an exact replica of the real thing.

“If you receive one of these emails and you are unsure if it is an attempted scam, contact Royal Mail directly using details from their official website, not on the website provided in the email.”

Victims can forward any suspicious email to Action Fraud’s dedicated reporting service at