Reduce your costs Photocopying Scam

During a visit to a Kent school recently, while saying our farewells in reception, a salesman from the schools copier supplier came in and told the business manager he was there to save them £1,040.00 per quarter on their photocopying costs.

Being as aware of copier scams as I am, I suggested that was not possible and asked to see how he proposed to do so. In the hour that followed, we discovered the following:

a) that the school had been systematically overcharged on copies and

b) there was a lease on a machine which was paid off and settled some years previously which had then been placed back on a new lease with 2 new machines, only to have been paid off again around 10 months later.

So what is wrong there you might ask, well apart from the dealer overcharging, they have steadfastly refused to reveal to us or the school how they arrived at the refund figure, ie what was the calculation used over what period etc.

They have also refused to discuss or acknowledge any possible irregularity in the refinancing of the old machine on leasing.

Flipping Leases

So how was the salesman proposing to save the school over £1,000 per quarter? Well of course he could not, the only saving would be in the actual quarterly repayment amount short term and this was achieved by taking the existing leases which had been in operation for a variety of years and in some cases nearing their end and rolling them back in to a full Five years term. No new equipment just a transfer of the leases to a new company, a practice which we term ‘flipping the lease’

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