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You need to secure a fair deal on office equipment. But contracts are long, complicated and packed with jargon. It's overwhelming. You're at risk of signing up to a scam that could literally cost you thousands.
You deserve a clear and honest deal. One where you know exactly
what you’re getting – and paying.
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We understand you’re under pressure to get the best deal for your organisation. But with so many scammers out there it’s a minefield you need to avoid. With over 53 years in the industry, we know how the tricks of the trade work and have been working hard to stamp out bad practice. We identify the terms that could trip you up and cost you dearly.
  • We offer a fully independent low cost contract checking – so you know exactly what you’re getting before you sign anything.
  • Schools, businesses, charities and even barristers have called on Fair Contract Associates for our specialist support.
  • With our Fair Contract Charter you can be completely confident our approved suppliers will give you a fair and honest deal.
  • We’ve spent the last 12 years identifying loopholes and have saved our clients more than £11million in unwarranted fees.

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5 Golden Rules To Follow Before Leasing A Copier

Stop worrying that you might fall for a scam contract.

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