Overpaying for Photocopiers


We were contacted by an overseas company who were concerned that their UK office was paying too much for their photocopiers.

We completed a review of the office equipment agreements for the UK operation, we found that they were in fact paying finance Leases for 5 photocopy machines to One dealer yet they only had 4 machines in total and 2 of those were in permanent storage at the dealers warehouse!!!.

To make matters worse the UK company were paying minimum copy charges on all 5 machines !!!!

We contacted the MD of the copier supplier with the problem, it transpired that a rogue sales person had taken advantage of the naivety of one of the former employees of our client in the UK, during a period machine upgrades.

The copier dealer agreed to work with us to resolve the issues and we were able to re-negotiate the service and support agreements for the 2 machines that were actually in use by our client.
The maintenance agreements for the 2 machines in storage were cancelled with a refund of fees billed incorrectly.
The lease for the 5th copier has been settled in full by the dealer and as a goodwill gesture to our client, the dealer paid a portion of our fee.
Working with the co-operation of the dealer we were able to resolve the issue with the minimum of fuss for the client and the relationship between the dealer and the client has been restored.

Tip: It is important to review all of your contracts regularly, understand which contracts have what termination clauses, especially if a member of your staff negotiates contracts on your behalf.
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