Before You Buy

Are you tired of paying over the odds and continually changing equipment for no obvious reason and getting poor advice from your suppliers?

Using our Before You Buy Service  Let’s you find your best deal, then before you sign, send us the sales proposal, the unsigned agreements and forms.

For a modest fee, we will review proposal and advise you, usually within 24 hours, whether the proposal is fair, good for you and it will deliver what you believe it will.

This service cost little yet could save you thousands of pounds.

Or use our ‘Find to Buy’ service.

Ask us to find the equipment or service you need, we will take time to understand your requirement, then find you three compatible quotations from trustworthy suppliers, leaving you to get on with your daily business.

If you use our pre-purchase service and something goes wrong down the line, we put it right free of charge.

After You Buy

When your bills suddenly increase. Your equipment looks out of date. You discover you are making multiple payments for the same machine. Your sales rep is nowhere to be seen or is only interested in selling you yet another lease, Then you’re most likely the victim of an unfair contract.

An unfair contract can cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds over its entire term and if not curtailed could destroy you.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Fair Contract Associates Limited know exactly how to redress the balance between you and the supplier, replacing the stress of high costs with the confidence that you have a contract which is fair to all parties.
If you believe you have a raw deal from your supplier, let us examine your contract for a definitive answer, it’s low cost and high value.

If we find the contract is unfair, we will advise you of your best course of action and any cost savings you may be able to achieve.

Simply email us a copy and we’ll get back to you usually within 48 hours.