One simple Cost Per Copy Covers All – NOT

So you buy or lease your photocopier and the supplier offers you service, consumables and all parts etc on a single charge per copy, normally around 5 pence for an A4 colour and .05p for a mono copy and that includes everything except the piece of paper to print on ……………………. Or does it?

On a number of occasions recently, I have been approached by companies who, when coming to the end of their service agreements with their supplier are receiving invoices for excess toner usage, these are not just £500 or £1,000 but average an astonishing £12,500.

If you are a printer, designer, architect, school or any business who is likely to copy or print more than just standard letters such as this blog, then you need to be aware of this scam.

In my view, unless you have specifically changed the type of business since you entered into a contract with the supplier, they knew what your use would be, therefor, they should have adjusted their fees accordingly at the outset.If you are contacted by your supplier regarding excess toner charges, do not entertain them, for if the suppliers are able to set a precedent now, everybody will suffer for evermore.

Check your contract closely to see if your supplier can justify these extra charges, if you have any doubts contact us on 020 8695 7301 or Email us for free advice.

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