Mr & Mrs Niceguy

Let’s get one thing straight, you are not going to buy from any salesperson if you don’t like them, so please stop telling me how nice he/she was!

Another statement we hear too many times is: “It was a rogue salesperson who sold the deal.” Well how about this for a fact:

‘A rogue salesperson in an honest company, will not visit you again after the three months’.

Why not, you may ask; 

It’s quite simple really, if the salesperson that ripped you off once is still at the company a month or two later then I would suggest that it is most likely the company who are the rogues!!


Well; when your order is processed, someone in the back office will review, approve and process each order that the salesperson brings in and someone in authority will have signed off the commission payment to the salesperson.

The fact is, a deal would not get past the review stage unless the Company were happy to process it and if they are happy to process it, then they must also be happy with you being ripped off.

So, what can you do;

Be friendly with salespeople by all means but be aware you are vulnerable with no guarantee of any support from the Company that salesperson works for.

Be safe, be sure, before you sign, go online to and for a small fee, we will walk you through the deal and highlight any potential pitfalls that could cause you future problems.

To save yourself being scammed:

Keep in mind this is a very creative and totally unregulated industry, therefor, you must be sure you take time to read and fully understand all the terms of an agreement before you sign it. If you do not have the time or the inclination to do so, then send the agreement to us to review before you sign and for a small fee, we will tell you any pitfalls it holds.

Unsure about the contract you already have? whoever your supplier is, send a readable copy of the agreement to: we will take a first look at it for free and tell you if it is fair to you.

To see more in the series of unfair agreement terms or for a copy of the ’13 Scurrilous Scams’ visit