How to take away the pain of contract small print

Business owners know the small print of a contract is essential, but most wish it was someone else’s problem. Why? Contracts are a time suck when you don’t know what to look out for and, when you’re not an expert, there’s always a nagging doubt you’ll have missed something critical that will hit your bottom line further down the road.

  • Dream of having an in-house procurement specialist on the payroll but can’t quite justify the cost?
  • Yearn for someone you can call on for advice who will help you get the best possible deal for your needs?

Here’s how you can make the pain of contract small print go away and still know you’ve signed a fair agreement.

When you’re scaling your business, it can be challenging to ensure you have the expertise you need to hand at a price you can afford. Contract management is one of those areas that causes a massive headache for people. Fair Contract Associates has been helping clients with procurement advise ranging way beyond their photocopying agreement for many years. Since Fair Contract Associates started in 2007, we have reviewed and advised on a variety of contracts for:

School and works catering, burglar alarms, office and school cleaning, electronic gates, equipment leasing, service and repairs, advertising, publishing, printing, office telephone, franking and postage, drinks and vending machines, scaffolding, Trusted trader agreements, company sale contracts – even a dog breeder’s contract.

In truth, while our primary focus has always been on office equipment supplies, we are equipped to negotiate on our client’s behalf on any type of contract as trained contract negotiators. And we’re now delighted to be able to expand this offer more widely.

Contract small print we won’t cover

There are a couple of contracts we don’t deal with – Property, Landlord, and Tenant and HR matters. However, should you need support in those areas, we would be happy to signpost you to trusted associates.   

A win-win hassle-free deal

We have long championed a fair deal for everyone – and that’s why we insist on offering the same for our own clients. We are now providing our clients with a dedicated contract review service when they need it from as little as £250 per month (no HR hassles, holiday pay, or pension to factor in). And to settle any nerves about whether you’ll get value for money out of it, we will also refund the difference if the costs of your fee are not reflected in potential contract savings within the first 12 months.

You literally have all the benefits of an experienced procurement advisor on your team, without any of the hassle and at very minimal cost.

Low-cost support to translate the small print into common-sense communication

How would it feel to have:

  • Someone to translate all the small print into simple terms even your grandma can understand.
  • Someone who can show you the catches in a contract before you get caught.
  • Someone who can help you to negotiate a better deal or find an alternative supplier.
  • Someone who will inevitably save you money – or we’ll refund the difference.

So next time you’re wasting your valuable time poring over the small print, ditch the frustration and let Fair Contract Associates take care of that for you. Schedule a call today with Fair Contract Associates – because we’re not just about office equipment.