How To Find Your Fair Contract Pt.3

Welcome to the third in the series, these tips will help you to achieve a fair deal when you are considering leasing or buying equipment and services, keep these in mind before you sign and look out for the final in the current series in our future posts.

1)There is no actual ‘trade in allowance’ on office equipment leasing, any settlement required on your current lease will invariably be added to the cost of your new one, as will the balance of your maintenance agreement in a number of instances.

2) A service contract is a 2 way vehicle, you agree to make payments for a set period and the seller agrees to service and keep maintained the equipment for your use for that same period, do not upgrade equipment because the dealer says he cannot service it anymore. Make them repair or change the equipment to the end of the agreed term at their expense not yours.

3) Avoid signing minimum term agreements, because the onus is on you to remember to terminate at the right time or they roll on often another year sometimes three.

4) Insist on a fixed term contract, this puts the onus on the other party to notify you when the agreement is ending and you will then have the option to extend, usually at reduced cost.

5) Most leasing companies add an insurance premium to your agreed payment, this is usually overpriced, poor value insurance. If you have office contents insurance, it is unlikely you will need this very expensive product from the leasing company get your broker to call the insurance company and cancel it.

Today we spend a lot of our time helping organisations large and small to obtain equipment at reasonable prices on safe contracts, (we do not sell any equipment) we take away the need for the business owner to read page after page of time consuming micro print.

When an existing supplier agreement is unfair to you, we are often able (with the dealers co-operation) to adjust the terms of the original deal to make it fair to both parties while maintaining a relationship between dealer and customer.

Remember: Before you sign, email us or call 020 8695 7301 and make sure the contract you’re about to sign is a fair one.