How To Find Your Fair Contract Pt.1


When we started Fair Contract Associates Ltd in 2008, it was with the intention of instilling fairness into office equipment contracts, our target audience are schools and charities as these are the sectors hit hardest by sales companies with little or no scruples.

Don’t misunderstand me, we all need to make a profit to survive, however, some of the ‘deals’ out there are beyond belief and go far, far beyond a ‘reasonable profit’.

These tips should help you to achieve a fair deal when you are considering leasing or buying equipment and services, look out for more in our future posts.

1) Take time out to read and understand a document before you sign it, we recommend you take at least 24 hours, (no offer is so special it won’t wait 24 hours for your order).

2) Never assume the contract you are being asked to sign, accurately reflects the proposal you may have received, always double check.

3) Make absolutely certain you know and understand the full term of the agreement including any cancellation period and terms.

4) Be exceptionally wary of a copier or printer deal that offers free equipment in exchange for a copy only charge, historically these are bad for you the user.

5) Keep Leasing and Servicing payments separate, a leasing company will collect your money but not help you if things go wrong with the dealer.

Today we spend a lot of our time helping organisations large and small to obtain equipment at reasonable prices on safe contracts, (we do not sell any equipment) we take away the need for the business owner to read page after page of time consuming  micro print.

When an existing supplier agreement is unfair to you, we are often able (with the dealers co-operation) to adjust the terms of the original deal to make it fair to both parties while maintaining a relationship between dealer and customer.

If you are unsure about or just want an unbiased opinion on a new agreement you are about to enter into, or you would simply like peace of mind about the agreements you already have, call us on 020 8695 7301 0208 695 7301 or email us or go to our contact page and request a contract review now, it will cost you little and could save you thousands.