How To Find You Fair Contract Pt.2

Welcome to the second of our tips to help you get a fair deal when you look to lease or buy equipment and services.

Look out for more tips in our future posts.

2) There is no ‘standard lease term’ for any particular type of equipment, for example a copier does not have to be a 5 year term and a telephone system or franking machine should never be on a 7 year lease or maintenance contract.

3) You do not have to accept the leasing company the supplier suggests, shop around, you can go direct.

4) If you enter into a lease for equipment for 5 years, keep it for 5 years,

5) A servicing agreement does not have to co-terminate with a lease, you can demand a shorter term agreement, the longer you commit to a service agreement the more expensive it will be to leave that supplier if things go wrong.

Today we spend a lot of our time helping organisations large and small to obtain equipment at reasonable prices on safe contracts, (we do not sell any equipment) we take away the need for the business owner to read page after page of time consuming micro print.

When an existing supplier agreement is unfair to you, we are often able (with the dealers co-operation) to adjust the terms of the original deal to make it fair to both parties while maintaining a relationship between dealer and customer.

If you are unsure about an agreement you have or you just want an unbiased opinion on a new agreement you are about to enter into, call us on 020 8695 7301 or email us or go to our contact page and request a contract review now, it will cost you little yet could save you thousands.