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It's tricky when you don't know who to trust

Contracting services for business or personal needs can feel risky. No one wants to get caught out by the small print, but with dishonest tactics used to lock in unfavourable terms, it’s not easy for customers to distinguish between a fair and honest agreement and a rip-off deal. As a result, trustworthy suppliers often lose out to sales sharks with a slick pitch. Winning over your customer with a fair deal shouldn’t be so difficult.
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Guaranteeing you a fair contract

We understand how difficult it can be to trust the small print you're signing up to. That's why we set up the Fair Contract Charter in 2011. It was established to meet growing demand from businesses and consumers for a clear way to identify honest and trustworthy suppliers and demonstrate their commitment to offering a fair deal. 
Originally focused on the office supply industry, the charter has evolved over time to cover a vast range of contracted services and give customers the confidence they deserve.
The Fair Contract Charter guarantees a fair deal from approved suppliers whose contract terms have been fully vetted by Fair Contract Associates. We are completely independent, with unrivalled experience. We know exactly what a fair deal should look like and have more than 50 years' experience in contract design and management.

What Our Customers Say

Benefits of signing up to the Fair Contract Charter

Contract guarantee

You can safeguard your customers and give them complete peace of mind with a Fair Contract Guarantee.

No instant buy-in

All suppliers are fully vetted before being awarded Approved Supplier status - it is not possible to buy a place on the charter list.

Fixed for free

Should any contractual issues arise during the life of the agreement we’ll put it right with you and your customer – and we won’t charge to do so.

Website advertising

All approved suppliers will be advertised on our website so people can see at a glance where to go and who they should be doing business with.

Social media publicity

We’ll publicise your commitment to the ethos of the Fair Contract Charter as an Approved Supplier on our social media channels.

The Fair Contract Charter Pledge

Fair Contract Approved Suppliers commit 100% to the Charter, which covers a review of sales conduct,
contract clauses, presentations and back office processes to eradicate the potential for rogue deals:
  • You agree to provide well-researched proposals that are designed to meet the specific needs and expectations of your clients, highlighting and fully explaining any potential improvements or enhancements which might be available and suitable for them.

  • You agree to your proposal being fair, honest and transparent on all charges and fees and presented in a manner which is easy for a client to understand.

  • You agree to your proposals and documentation being reviewed by Fair Contract Associates for confirmation your documentation reflects the intention.

  • You agree to always propose the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your client – one that widely constitutes a ‘fair’ deal and based on a comprehensive understanding of the buyers needs.

  • Should any complaint arise throughout the life of the agreement where the installation does not reflect the intention, you agree to adjust the installation in accordance with original proposal in the signed contract without cost to the buyer.

  • You commit to rectify any issue which following review by Fair Contract Associates is found to be a fault on your part, within 10 days of being so notified

  • You agree to pay all Charter assessment and licence fees on receipt of invoice.

  • You agree never to extend the benefits of your accreditation to any third party, or subsidiary, or associated entity who is not directly accredited by the Charter.

  • You understand and accept that your continued participation in the charter is reviewed and where appropriate, confirmed annually.

  • You agree and accept you are not authorised or entitled to display any of the Fair Contract Charter logos or IP or claim any association with the Charter scheme unless and until you have passed the eligibility assessment process and have received a current Certificate of Affiliation from us.

“I was regularly losing business to the cowboys, but when I saw the Charter proposal, I knew it would open doors and help me grow my business.


Cliff Hughes

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