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Even solicitors need contract advice

Calling on an expert witness to support a case in court can be costly and time-consuming. Legal teams know the need for independent evidence to support a case, but usually don’t seek that subject matter expertise until the court requires them to do so. The problem is, when an appropriate witness is required to appear at court, it invariably costs the legal team and their client much more than they had hoped.

At Fair Contract Associates, we were recently approached by a large law firm to provide a professional opinion to the court on an office equipment and leasing dispute. The claimant was a firm of solicitors and the defendant a supplier of a discounted postal service.

Chas Jordan, managing director of Fair Contract Associates, had been approached to assist the court with a possible expert witness appearance at the hearing. But due to the existence of an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in place with a former client over the same issues, he was unable to provide the service on this occasion.

However, during the initial review of the case papers with an industry eye, it was clear to Chas that the claimant’s solicitors had missed several key details which, had they been identified at the time of preparing the papers, would have covered the questions the court was now asking. Prior knowledge of these details would have removed the need for a professional witness completely, reduced time in court and increased the claimant’s chances of a successful outcome.

Engage a professional witness early in an office equipment contract dispute

Engaging an industry professional early in a dispute involving the supply, maintenance or leasing of office equipment could avoid the need to take a case before a judge in the first place – saving time and money and getting the case settled sooner.

At Fair Contracts, we can review case files with you at the initial review stage and help identify any ‘smoking gun’ before the matter goes to court. We can explain the relevant industry terminology, advise on the need for and relevance of documentation which may not be present in a case file – documentation and detail that is rarely obvious to those outside of the industry, but which has proven to vastly improve the chances of a successful outcome.

50+ years of office equipment industry experience

Fair Contract Associates has more than 50 years’ industry experience in office equipment supply contracts and our team has been working since 2008 to stamp out dishonest practices in the office equipment industry. We have supported several successful court cases in that time.

We are trusted by solicitors and barristers across the country who call on us to advise on the finer contract details and the industry loopholes regularly abused by unscrupulous firms.

If you need support with an office equipment contractual dispute, or perhaps a look over with an industry eye before submitting to the court, schedule a call now and see how we can help you.