Take Away The Pain Of Contract Small Print

Specialist contract and procurement advice from as little as £250 a month

Free up time

Reduce risk

Save money

Bogged down by contract small print?

Do You...

  • Know the small print of a contract is essential, but wish it was someone else’s problem?
  • Dream of having an in-house procurement specialist on the payroll but can’t justify the cost?
  • Yearn for someone you can call on for advice who will help you get the best possible deal for your needs?

Expert contract advice doesn’t have to feel out of reach

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Save £££s With Contracts Made Simple For You

At Fair Contract Associates, our trained negotiators have been saving our clients £££s on their supplier contracts for more than a decade. From just £250 per month (no HR hassles, holiday pay or pension to factor in), you’ll get a dedicated contract review service when you need it.

  • Someone to translate small print into simple terms even your Grandma can understand.
  • Someone who can show you the catches in a contract before you get caught.
  • Someone to help you to negotiate a better deal or find an alternative supplier.
  • Someone who will inevitably save you money – or refund the difference.

If you don’t see at least the cost of the fee reflected in potential contract savings within the first year, we’ll refund the difference.

Since Fair Contract Associates started in 2007, we have saved our clients £££s on a variety of contracts, including:

  • School And Works Catering
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Premises Cleaning
  • Electronic Gates
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Service And Repairs
  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Printing
  • Office Telephone
  • Franking And Postage
  • Drinks And Vending Machines
  • Scaffolding
  • Trusted Trader Agreements
  • Company Sale Contracts
  • Even A Dog Breeder's Contract!

We have advised on them all and more alongside our mainstay of office equipment contracts.

Here’s what we don’t do:

There are a couple of contracts we don’t deal with – Property, Landlord and Tenant, and HR matters. However, should you need support in those areas, we can signpost you to trusted associates.

Start saving time, money, and hassle today:

  • 1 Schedule a call
  • 2 Send us your contracts for review – we’ll make sure you’re getting a fair deal and will let you know where and how you can make savings.
  • 3 Get back to the tasks you enjoy with peace of mind you have expert contract advice to hand when you need it.

Stop wasting your valuable time on the small print. Schedule a call with Fair Contract Associates and you’ll have expert contract negotiation support to take care of everything for you.