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Think you've been taken for a ride by your office equipment supplier?

Chas Jordan Fair Contracts.
Thought you'd got a good deal on your office equipment and now feel like you’ve been taken for a ride? Worried it could cost you serious money - potentially thousands? The problem is, you want to renegotiate a better deal but contracts are long, complicated and packed with jargon. So you feel cheated and helpless and stuck with a raw deal.
Your suppliers have likely used jargon and confusing contract terms. You feel duped into paying more than you should. And, to make matters worse, your supplier won't back down.
Buyers deserve a fair deal. A clear, honest and transparent contract. And we'll help you get one.

Why Choose Us

We understand how easy it is for businesses to get hoodwinked into bad contracts on copiers, franking machine and phone systems.  So it’s no surprise it’s happened to you too.  You don’t have the time - or expertise - to go through your contract with a fine toothcomb. That’s why we do it for you.  Schools, businesses, charities and even lawyers have all called on Fair Contract Associates for specialist support – with unrivalled results.



We’ve worked in the industry for 53 years. We know the tricks of the trade and can spot a scam so you don’t have to.



You Money

We've saved our clients more than £10 million in unwarranted fees they shouldn’t have had to pay.

Skilled Negotiators

We are qualified mediators with the skills to negotiate the best outcome for your organisation.

Fair Contract Charter

We've developed the Fair Contract Charter to help you identify honest suppliers who you can rely on.

"You’ve Saved Our School Over £40,000 This Year Alone"

The typical dirty tricks we can fix for you

  • Excessive annual increases
  • Complicated sales proposals
  • 'Inclusive' toner that adds thousands to your annual bill
  • Quarterly account reviews, that could lead you to bankruptcy
  • Second hand equipment sold as new
  • Unexpected or hidden charges
  • Contracts being altered after you have signed
  • Paying three times what you were quoted per printed copy

Get fair contract advice - fast

Don't let a bad contract stress you out and damage your organisation - help is at hand.

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5 Ways To Spot If You've Been Scammed

Download 5 Ways To Check If You've Been Scammed. So you can stop feeling helpless and instead regain control – knowing we’re fighting your corner for a fair deal.