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Stitched up by your supplier and deserve a better deal? The problem is, holding companies to account is hard. Few people have time to pick through a complicated contract and challenge it effectively. Contract disputes take time and expertise that you just don’t have.


You shouldn’t need a law degree to challenge a bad deal.

Know the law and the contract flaws

Your Fair Deal Toolkit will help you understand the law and the loopholes so you can know your rights and key points of dispute.

with confidence

Your Fair Deal Toolkit comes with a series of letters crafted by qualified contract negotiators so you can challenge with confidence.

Negotiate a
deal that’s fair

Your Fair Deal Toolkit provides the expertise and tools to empower you to take action and get the fair deal you deserve. You Fair Deal Toolkit provides the expertise and tools to empower you to take action and negotiate the deal you deserve.

Have the tools you need to negotiate like a pro


Challenging a contract drains time and energy when you don’t have the legal know-how at your fingertips. With 50+ years of contract negotiation experience, we know how to call out an unfair deal fast and have saved our clients’ millions of £s through renegotiating a better deal. We want this for you too. That’s why we’re lifting the lid on our process and sharing this with you in the Fair Contract Toolkit – because everyone deserves a fair deal.



  • Simple step-by-step guide to negotiation
  • Key ‘red flag’ contract terms to beware of
  • A series of customisable letters crafted by contract negotiation experts
  • Insight into contract psychology
  • Top tips on how to communicate to get the best result
  • The law – your rights and what you are liable for
  • How to win without falling out

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A Customised Toolkit So You Can Negotiate With Confidence

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  • 3 WIN THE DEAL YOU DESERVE Save time and money by negotiating a better deal, with the know-how and the tools to hand to put your case forward with confidence.