Are you using Go Cardless?

Fair Contracts

It was brought to our attention recently that businesses using Go Cardless could be leaving themselves exposed to fraudulent activity. When users sign up to use the service, they provide their bank details. Go Cardless then passes your authorisation to the bank. The direct debit is in place and the supplier is paid. Although there…

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Even solicitors need contract advice

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Calling on an expert witness to support a case in court can be costly and time-consuming. Legal teams know the need for independent evidence to support a case, but usually don’t seek that subject matter expertise until the court requires them to do so. The problem is, when an appropriate witness is required to appear…

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How to take away the pain of contract small print

Business owners know the small print of a contract is essential, but most wish it was someone else’s problem. Why? Contracts are a time suck when you don’t know what to look out for and, when you’re not an expert, there’s always a nagging doubt you’ll have missed something critical that will hit your bottom…

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What happens when your office equipment supplier changes hands or goes bust?

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Your office equipment supplier has gone bust. Now what? Does your agreement still stand? Who will provide the maintenance? What liabilities do you have to the finance agreement? There’s a lot to consider, and you must understand what you’re responsible for to avoid getting caught out with a new agreement that just isn’t right for…

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How to avoid falling for photocopier contract scams in 2021

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The office equipment industry is rife with scammers duping unsuspecting businesses, schools, and non-profits into signing up for a ‘great deal’ and stinging them with crippling hidden charges further down the line. If you think we’re over-egging the extent of the problem, sadly, that’s not the case. With 53 years in the industry, we have…

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Beware the ‘trade-in’ or ‘upgrade’ scam

Do you remember the days of the ‘trade-in’ offer when you went to buy a car and the dealer gave you money back for your old car or reduced the advertised price of the replacement by the agreed trade-in allowance? Over time and as more and more people financed new or replacement cars, a ‘trade…

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Its A Secret

A client asked a leasing company to confirm the leasing rate used on a new agreement. By leasing rate, we mean the rate per £1,000 the leasing company give to the sellers to use in calculating the monthly or quarterly payments you will make on a lease* This client was in a particularly nasty agreement…

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Fraud? Thats not our problem, we wern’t there!

During a recent customer contract review, we discovered a machine, already the subject of an existing lease, had been sold to a new lease company alongside new equipment. While this happens pretty much every day of the week in this industry, something about this agreement sparked our interest. Although the upgrade information was correctly displayed…

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Are you ready for GDPR

Data protection rules across the United Kingdom and Europe are set to change. If you run a small business and collect personal data from customers, then you need to know what’s happening. The new set of rules is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it comes into play on the 25th May, 2018. Described as, “the biggest…

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