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Losing sales because people think you're out to scam them?

You need to generate more sales. But with so many bad dealers using dishonest tactics, it’s hard for customers to spot a genuinely decent deal. It’s unfair to lose sales because buyers assume you too are out to cheat them with a rip off contract. But with so much bad practice in this industry, it's really no surprise.  You deserve to land those deals - and gain the buyers trust  - especially when you’re trying to do the right thing by them.

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Stand out from the scammers

We understand how frustrating it can be when you get tarred with the same brush as the bad guys. That’s why we introduced the Fair Contract Charter. With 53 years in the industry, we know what an honest deal should look like and how to build trust with clients.
We’ve seen decent suppliers like you lose out to unscrupulous scammers who don't care about the financial devastation their misleading contracts leave in their wake.
We want an end to this practice - for both your customers’ sakes - and yours.

Give your customers guaranteed peace of mind

The Fair Contract Charter helps you to give your customers reassurance and complete peace of mind when buying from you.  All suppliers are fully vetted before being awarded Approved Supplier status. We'll help you produce fair contract terms.

And we'll safeguard your customers with a Fair Contract Guarantee so they know their contract is in safe hands with you.
  • With the Fair Contract Charter your customers can be completely confident they will get a fair and honest deal.
  • All suppliers are fully vetted before being awarded Approved Supplier status - it not possible to buy a place on the charter list.
  • Schools, businesses, charities and even barristers call on Fair Contract Associates for recommendations. We'll refer them all onto Fair Contract approved suppliers.
  • We'll safeguard your customers and give them complete peace of mind with a Fair Contract Guarantee.
  • Should any contractual issue arise during the life of the agreement we’ll put it right with you and your customer – and we won’t charge to do so.
  • All Approved Suppliers will be advertised on our website so people can see at a glance who they should be doing business with.

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