How To Spot Fake Online Reviews

I’ve been contacted a couple of times recently by people who have found my blog on the trustworthiness of online reviews.   Specifically, one of them wanted to know how accurate and true the reviews on Amazon are after reading this article detailing a scam whereby sellers offer free goods in return for a favourable review. As more…

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Protect Your Printer Or Pay The Price

Keypad on a printer

Cybercrime is a scourge which affects millions of us every year. I’ve written before about the steps you can take to defend yourself from scammers, but all the signs are that the rapid emergence of Artificial Intelligence will only make things worse. I don’t want to worry anyone, but the recent annual meeting of the…

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Fair Contracts Associates Supports Local Charity

Chartwell Trust Logo

This year, Fair Contract Associates is supporting an incredible charity – the Chartwell Cancer Trust. The story of the charity began in 2003 when founder Michael Douglas was diagnosed with leukaemia. He was treated at the Chartwell Cancer and Leukaemia Unit at the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) in Farnborough. Michael was shocked at the…

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How Schools and Nurseries can free up vital funds and avoid office supply and printer contract scams in 2023

No-one is immune from cash-draining contracts that tilt in favour of leasing or servicing companies – not even schoolchildren. Many schools and nurseries are leeching thousands of pounds of their precious budgets on office equipment deals like photocopiers, printers, servicing agreements and more because they are being unfairly overcharged. This can stop them spending their…

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Are you the unwitting victim of an evergreen clause?

Evergreen clauses in contracts tie you down for longer than you might have wanted. They’re subtle, buried in other clauses and often written in technical – some would say deliberately too technical – language. I’ve dealt with scores of frustrated customers over the years who have found themselves unexpectedly shackled to contracts for years longer…

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Fair Contract Associates Founder awarded Fellowship of the Institute of Paralegals

Fair Contract Associates founder Chas Jordan (F.Inst.Pa) has been awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Paralegals. ‘Fellowship’ is the highest level of membership awarded by this highly respected organisation and reflects Chas’s standing as a role model for the profession plus his total commitment to the pursuit of fairness in his specialist area of…

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Lockdown is no excuse to shirk contractual responsibilities

Contracts can be confusing. Terms and conditions are important and no matter how small the print is, deserve your full attention but they are not always the easiest to understand. If you have missed something and it’s causing you a problem, the last thing you want to do with any contract is bury your head…

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Royal Mail Scam

More than a thousand Brits have been targeted in just one week by scammers pretending to be from Royal Mail. Action Fraud has issued a warning detailing the con, which aims to steal personal and financial information. The victims received emails purporting to be from Royal Mail, telling them they had missed a delivery and…

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Don’t Let Holiday Excitement Blind You To The Scammers

2 sun loungers on the beach

It’s that wonderful time of year when people are excited about their summer holiday. For many, the sense of anticipation is heightened as it’s their first chance to get away since the pandemic. As the world opens up again, Brits are naturally eager to lie on a beach somewhere hot with their loved ones and…

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