Lockdown is no excuse to shirk contractual responsibilities

Contracts can be confusing. Terms and conditions are important and no matter how small the print is, deserve your full attention but they are not always the easiest to understand. If you have missed something and it’s causing you a problem, the last thing you want to do with any contract is bury your head…

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Royal Mail Scam

More than a thousand Brits have been targeted in just one week by scammers pretending to be from Royal Mail. Action Fraud has issued a warning detailing the con, which aims to steal personal and financial information. The victims received emails purporting to be from Royal Mail, telling them they had missed a delivery and…

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Which experts can you trust in a contract negotiation?

When you’re trying to negotiate a settlement between an incumbent office equipment supplier and a new supplier, it can be difficult to know which ‘expert’ to trust when it comes to the figures, especially, when each party has a vested interested. One of our clients found this out to their detriment after an attempt to…

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Can you really trust online reviews?

When you are researching a new supplier your due diligence process will undoubtedly include a look at user reviews, utilising platforms like Trustpilot and Google. If you found a supplier with an 80% or more positive rating you would automatically assume they are pretty good – but what do those reviews actually mean? Taken at…

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A Charter Mark Offering Office Equipment Buyers complete Confidence

Fair contract associates

When you’re charged with sorting the lease and purchase of your office equipment – copiers, franking machines, telephone systems and shredders, there’s a lot on your shoulders to make sure you get a deal that delivers what your organisation needs, within budget. And salespeople are there to SELL, often working on a commission base, so…

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Even solicitors need contract advice

fair contract associates contract help

Calling on an expert witness to support a case in court can be costly and time-consuming. Legal teams know the need for independent evidence to support a case, but usually don’t seek that subject matter expertise until the court requires them to do so. The problem is, when an appropriate witness is required to appear…

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How to take away the pain of contract small print

Business owners know the small print of a contract is essential, but most wish it was someone else’s problem. Why? Contracts are a time suck when you don’t know what to look out for and, when you’re not an expert, there’s always a nagging doubt you’ll have missed something critical that will hit your bottom…

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Beware the ‘trade-in’ or ‘upgrade’ scam

Do you remember the days of the ‘trade-in’ offer when you went to buy a car and the dealer gave you money back for your old car or reduced the advertised price of the replacement by the agreed trade-in allowance? Over time and as more and more people financed new or replacement cars, a ‘trade…

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Twelve Top Tips


If you are about to enter into any agreements (new or upgrading) with a supplier of Office equipment, before you sign remember: Never accept Finance and servicing / Usage charges as One single payment, they are separate elements, keep them separate. Managed Services are designed to manage the money from your account, they are not…

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