Absurd Terms Continues

More absurd terms with unfair charges attached to them this week. It’s the turn of the maintenance and support agreements to take the gold medal for greed and stupidity.  For example, these terms were found in a maintenance agreement from a company based in Ware, Hertfordshire.

15.          The duration of this agreement shall be for a fixed term of 60 months and shall continue from year to year after that period until such time as either party serves 90 days written notice.

17.          If the equipment is leased, the duration of this agreement shall be for a period equal to the length of that lease and shall continue thereafter until either party serves 12 months written notice.

So if you buy the machine outright you have to pay for 5 years servicing, assuming of course you remember to give 90 days written notice BUT lease the machine and you are tied for 5 years servicing costs plus at least 12 months written notice irrespective of whether it is a 3 or 5 years lease; try to move to a new supplier during the maintenance term and you pay this dealer for either 5 years and 90 days but if you leased the equipment then it’s 6 years maintenance charges.

Is this fair?  If like us, you believe it isn’t and you want to avoid contracts like these or you think you might already be in one, contact us:

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