Customer Testimonials

A minor miracle

I totally recommend Fair Contracts to anyone in a contract situation where they cannot see a way out.

It was very clear from an early stage that we had someone working for us who had our interests at heart and as a result, to be in the situation we are now, is a minor miracle.

I cannot commend the professionalism of Fair Contract Associates highly enough.

M Colman
Birkenhead Merseyside

Which Trusted Trader advice

There’s only one person who comes to mind when I’m in need of Contract advice, that’s Chas Jordan at Fair Contract Associates Ltd.

He has assisted me and my Company on numerous occasions and was amazing when we needed support with our Which Trusted Trader application.

Think Contract advice….think Chas and you won’t go wrong!

Paula Roberts

Pre Contract Advice

Big thank you to Chas at Fair Contract Associates Limited for supporting us with a recent contract. Fab to work with and makes my life easier!

Jane Knight
Successful Mums

Resolved Copier Contract issues

We were left vulnerable by unscrupulous salespeople who locked us into an absurd five-year contract.

After reviewing the lease documents Chas at Fair Contract Associates helped expose a fraudulent and illegal condition which made it much easier to negotiate a settlement.

He worked tirelessly towards a solution and helped us tie up the loose ends long after the settlement.

On behalf of all independent creative agencies I would like to praise Chas at Fair Contract Associates as a beacon of honesty in the industry.

B Clarke
Kitchen Agency

Thoroughly recommended to resolve your contract problems

“I came across Charles at Fair Contract Associates Limited purely by chance when I was searching online for information and advice regarding a nasty contract our company was signed up to.

I was overwhelmed by the consequences of cancelling the lengthy contract and needed to know the best way to go about it with the least impact on our company.

Charles was the most patient and straightforward person I could have hoped to come across. He has a passion and quest for an honest and moral outcome for individuals who have fallen victim to unfair contract terms.

I am extremely grateful and thoroughly recommend anyone to seek his professional advice.

Charles and Fair Contract Associates Ltd will be my first point of call for any future contract negotiations.”

Lynne Halliwell
Haltec (Chester) Ltd

Excellent advice and savings on new Franking Machine

I contacted Fair Contract Associates when negotiations for our new franking machine started. I didn’t believe I was getting offered a good deal but did not know the market.

Chas was able to get us a selection of options, all saving significant amounts of money and excluding all the additional charges that most leases seem to throw in.

Furthermore, Chas has stayed in contact throughout the process making sure everything is as it should be.

If you have a finance/lease agreement renewal coming up, it is definitely worth contacting Fair Contract Associates to ensure you get a good and fair deal without any hidden, unfair clauses.

Chas certainly knows his stuff and can be relied upon to deliver.

P Hills
Simpson Wreford LLP - Royal Arsenal

Contract review well worth the money

Chas Jordan Many thanks for the excellent advice Fair Contract Associates Ltd. provided for our new photocopier contract. Saved us £’s!!!

Antony Patrick - London

Saved lots of money on lease overcharging

We initially contacted Chas at Fair Contract Associates in July last year to guide us through a maze of contracts that we had with our photocopier & telephone suppliers at all 3 branches.

We wanted to end some of these contracts/leases but were not sure if this was possible.

The knowledge Chas has of lease/financial agreements highlighted some alarming points within our agreements, notably that we were paying twice for our photocopier!!!

After some serious negotiating by Fair Contracts Associates we received a refund which amounted to quite a few thousand pounds. Initially the company concerned would not acknowledge their mistake but with the help of Fair Contracts they knew they had to pay us.

Without the assistance of Fair Contract Associates we would have been none the wiser and continued paying these companies serious amounts of money for many years.

I would certainly recommend using Fair Contracts to overhaul your lease/finance agreements, you will be surprised what they uncover.

T. Meakins
Able Canopies Ltd

Resolved issues with our Copier supplier

We contacted Fair Contract Associates after we reached an impasse with our photocopier and telephone provider. We are a non-profit making organisation with very limited resources and had found ourselves in a surreal situation where we were being invoiced by two different leasing companies for the same photocopiers.

We felt the photocopier and telephone provider was simply not interested in finding a solution to the problem despite us having had various correspondence and meetings with them. So we decided to contract Chas Jordan of Fair Contract Associates as a negotiator.

Chas Jordan is a very shrewd man with an in-depth knowledge of the photocopying industry. With him on board, we managed within a relative short time to come to an agreement which was acceptable for both sides of the original disagreement.

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Fair Contract Associates.

Corinne Michel

Just what our school needed

Chas Jordan is my knight in shining armour!

He has been in the business a long time, his wealth of experience in the industry is phenomenal, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! After a tiresome fight with a photocopying corporation I decided to contact him, I was so close to the finishing line but was in need of some specialised expertise to get me there. Shortly after contacting Chas I was in business, my current contract was to be reverted back to colour copies as originally agreed, not developments.

I cannot recommend Chas enough, his cracking sense of humour got me through what has been a long and tedious battle! Get in touch with ‘Fair Contracts’ if you have any photocopying lease issues, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for restoring my faith, school budgets are for teaching and learning and not to be wasted on such leases! Thank you.

R Hunter

Denied Insurance Payout

We recently had one of our transit vans stolen – you just expect as a law abiding citizen and someone who holds every insurance policy required that it will all be OK. If only this were so – after nearly 8 weeks of being given the run around by our van insurance company the door was CLOSED. Not a penny would come to us – end of claim.

In my frustration I posted a discussion on a Linkedin group that I manage.

I was immediately contacted by someone local to me, and in fact a competitor who put me in touch with the local man Mr Chas Jordan. Within 24 hours he had collected all the paperwork and agreements and advised me that indeed the insurance was in the wrong and had made an error.

He took over the handling of the enquiry and within 1 week we had an apologetic call from head of complaints for the insurance company to say they were paying us out in full.

I can highly recommend my knight in shining armour – Mr Chas Jordan of Fair Contract Associates Ltd . If you think you have a contract or lease agreement for any equipment and you are not sure of the implications or you just want help in getting a fair deal to start with – this man is a genius!

Janice Webster
S E Timber & Damp

Missing Telephone and Copier issues

I can thoroughly recommend Fair Contracts Associates to any organisation, small or large, that is paying too much for office equipment.

We are a very small charity that was paying for a phone system we never got and being overcharged on a photocopier. The staff at Fair Contracts know the market and the tricks people pull, they worked hard on our behalf and saved us thousands of pounds in the end.

It’s obvious from the start that their motivation is the protection of hard-pressed schools, charities and the like, from equipment leasing cowboys. They have a no-nonsense approach, cut through the jargon and they tell you it like it is. This makes them easy to deal with and you know exactly where you stand. When they are on your case they take the load off your shoulders, they act professionally and diligently and you just know you’re in good hands.

B Bourdillon
Abney Park Trust

Excellent Contract advice for our School

Finally I would like to say that your reports have been first class and the changes we have made have definitely paid for themselves.

H Bull
A London School

Excellent service

The guys at Fair Contract Associates are good, first they got my copier contract terms changed from 5 years rolling to 1 year renewable.

Then when we asked them to source a new copier, they found us an unbelievable deal from a company on a ninety day rolling contract, perfect for our business. Don’t hesitate give them a try!

Steve Saywell

Double charging on Copier contract

Our photocopier suppliers had us stitched into not one but two expensive and inappropriate contracts. Our business did not warrant the monthly and quarterly outlay and all I could see was money flowing down the drain.

When Chas Jordan from Fair Contract Associates came into our office his mere presence and reassuring attitude that he could help, convinced me to hand the whole thing over for him to sort out.

He seemed to enjoy looking at all the ghastly paperwork and did nothing but cheer me up and state that he could sort things out. And for sure, HE DID.

Two months later, we are clear of the suppliers and are just leasing direct.

He is worth his weight in gold and I would encourage anyone to at least let him have a look at the problem and quote. Of course, he’s a man who knows other men who can help, is there no end to his talents???

F Baskerville

Contract issue – sorted

I had been ripped off and was faced with a contract that I wasn’t sure I could get out of. Chas at Fair Contract Associates to the rescue. His words were, “now leave it to me, don’t worry, I’m dealing with it” that was around October last year. Its sorted Chas style.

D Jones
SE London

Copier Buyer Help

I first came across Chas Jordan and ‘Fair Contract Associates’, by chance, when surfing the net. I was trying to get some information on what I should look before entering into a new leasing contract for the photocopiers for our three offices.

I realised quickly that the information I was looking for wasn’t readily available online and that this particular area is a ‘minefield’. All the companies that had previously quoted for the copiers were misleading me on various issues, from annual charges, to cost per copy, and our existing supplier (a national name) who had increased their prices relentlessly, was threatening to remove the copiers unless we entered a new contract with them!

Chas came to visit us and suggested several solutions from buying new machines outright with a separate service contract, to renting, not leasing, second hand machines. This was the option we eventually went for with a smaller supplier and saved ourselves a lot of money. He even oversaw the terms of our rental agreement suggesting certain alterations.

Fair Contracts’ does what it says on the ‘tin’ and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Leonard Rees - London

Go to people for contract advice

The support and advice Chas at Fair Contract Associates provides for those tied into unfair contracts, is first class and generally Chas always puts other’s needs first. He is someone you should always be talking to, I do.

K Goddard - Kent

Leasing Contract problem

Fair Contract Associates did a great job displaying remarkable expertise in a specialist field. I have no hesitation in recommending them if you have an issue with a supplier.

C. Sutton
Abbey Group (Cambridgeshire) Ltd

Great Advice

Fair Contract Associates even told me what to look out for and the questions to ask to avoid getting caught again. I would recommend Fair Contract Associates to anyone with a contract problem or who just wants some common sense advice about contracts.

James Johannes

Fantastic and genuine service

Chas at Fair Contract Associates is an extremely confident, intelligent and professional man who, despite being successful in several areas, remains very approachable. The thing I love most about Chas is his willingness to give up lots of his free time to help others, particularly those new to business. A true gent!

S Wareham

Resolved Advertising contract issues

Chas at Fair Contract Associates is a special kind of person, he puts himself out to help people in all walks of life to ensure they get a fair deal. He will also help them to get a better footing in whatever they are doing. He has helped us and other people that we have referred to him, even when its not in his normal field.

I Dove

Genuine businessman

Chas at Fair Contract Associates, he’s a truly genuine guy, who will tell you it straight. My kinda businessman.

G Johannes - Peterborough

100% Trusted trader

Chas at Fair Contract Associates is the type of business man you trust with your clients, your friends and your family. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

T Garrie - Bristol Avon
Bristol Avon

Great and very helpful advice

Thank you so much for the advice Chas, I just went from totally losing an £800 contract to keeping a £540 one, and although it’s not exactly what I wanted it is a hell of a lot better than nothing, and a possibility of future contracts… Your advice was spot on and I can’t recommend Fair Contract Associates enough.

L Netley

Customer Testimonial – Sept 2012

Charles Jordan, the MD of Fair Contracts Associates Limited was recommended to me by a friend.

He has an inexhaustible drive for justice and will work tirelessly on a case until it reaches a positive conclusion.

100% honest, fair and a true professional. I thank him for his unstinting and valued support in winning a very challenging appeal on my behalf.

C Rawlings

Recommended when you have a contract dispute

Chas Jordan at Fair Contract Associates – He’s helped so many of my clients already I would recommend him anytime.

M Ross - Kent

Contract knowledge, second to none

Chas at Fair Contract Associates is wonderful! His knowledge on contracts is second to none. I now wouldn’t sign a contract without getting him to look at it first. I have recommended him to clients and friends and will continue to do so, as I have absolute confidence in him and his exceptional knowledge.

N Joslyn - Kent