Would you normally sign a contract without understanding exactly what it means and how it will affect you?

Fair Contracts Associates Limited specialise in getting you fair contract terms when you obtain your office equipment. We work with schools, charities and businesses of all sizes to make sure that every contract we approve is fair to all parties.

We combine over 53 years personal experience and expert knowledge of the office equipment industry with one deeply powerful goal: to ensure schools, businesses and charities are NOT tied into money draining contracts.

We are not lawyers, we use our skills and industry knowledge to achieve fairer terms with all parties and have saved our clients millions of pounds doing so.

We are independent. We do NOT sell, finance or maintain office equipment of any kind. 

We are happy for you to buy equipment where you please, provided the contract is a fair one.

Fair Contracts Associates Limited, founded by Chas Jordan are specialists in getting you fair contract terms for office equipment. 

Before you buy email or call us on 020 8695 7301.

Send us the supplier’s proposed contracts; the maintenance and service contract, any leasing contract and order form. For a modest fee, we will tell you whether it is fair and safe for you to sign and whether it will deliver what you expect or not.

Already in an unfair or over expensive contract?

Our ‘leave no stone unturned’ ethic sees repeated high praising testimonials and over £9 million saved for our clients.

For an initial contract assessment contact us now, don’t delay – every day could be costing you hundreds of £££ that you probably should not be wasting.

We will review your contract quickly and if necessary we can act on your behalf to get you fair terms and as we often work on a no-win no-fee basis it, won’t cost you the earth.

With over 53 years personal experience in the office equipment industry, we know what to look for and better still, we know how to handle it.

Don’t delay Email or call us today to arrange an immediate contract review