Fair contract associates

A Charter Mark Offering Office Equipment Buyers complete Confidence

When you’re charged with sorting the lease and purchase of your office equipment – copiers, franking machines, telephone systems and shredders, there’s a lot on your shoulders to make sure you get a deal that delivers what your organisation needs, within budget.

And salespeople are there to SELL, often working on a commission base, so it can be difficult to know what a fair deal looks like.

There are a lot of dishonest tactics used within the office equipment supply industry.  The lines between leasing and finance often get blurred and what appears to be a great deal that will reduce your costs often ends up doing the exact opposite.

We know, because we receive calls every day from business owners, schools and charities who have just found themselves caught out to the tune of thousands of £s by misleading equipment leasing and finance terms.

So it becomes difficult for end-users to know who to trust, especially when everyone wants to be your friend and nail the contract.

What does a fair contract look like?

Getting a fair deal on your office equipment shouldn’t be difficult, but often, it is. Customers are bamboozled by complicated terminology and calculations that even Einstein would struggle to fathom.

That’s why we set up the Fair Contract Charter – to drive scam tactics out of the industry and to give gives buyers peace of mind that they are getting a fair and honest deal.

The Fair Contract Charter has benefits for both the customer and for the supplier.

Set up in response to a growing demand from industry suppliers for effective regulation to clamp down on fraudulent or unscrupulous dealers, it is open to any office equipment engineer or supplier who is happy to be held accountable to the stringent terms of the Charter.

The terms of the Fair Contract Charter include:

  • Undergoing a review of sales conduct, contract clauses, presentations and back office processes to eliminate any potentially misleading or unscrupulous practices:
  • Providing a well-researched proposals that meet the needs and expectations of clients and offers appropriate and cost-effective solutions based on a comprehensive understanding of the buyers’ needs.
  • Being fair, honest and transparent on all charges and fees and presenting the client’s proposal in a format that is easy to understand.
  • Agreeing to proposals and documentation being reviewed by Fair Contract Associates for confirmation your documentation reflects the intention.
  • Agreeing to rectify any issue which following review by Fair Contract Associates is found to be a fault on the supplier’s part.

Every Charter member is also reassessed annually before their membership is renewed to ensure good practice is upheld over time. And they can’t just buy their way into the scheme. Every supplier must go through the same checks to qualify.

Why is the Fair Contract Charter important for office equipment buyers?

When you buy or lease your photocopier, franking machine, printer, shredder or telephone system from a Fair Contract Approved Supplier you know are guaranteed:

  • A first-class honest service from a fully vetted supplier
  • A deal that offers you genuine cost-effective solutions
  • Complete peace of mind – should any contractual issues arise during the life of the agreement it will be put right for you free of charge.

If you are an office equipment buyer, you can find our list of Fair Contract Approved Suppliers here.

If you are an office equipment engineer looking to grow your business and reputation schedule a call today to find out how Fair Contract Associates can help you establish your reputation as a fair and honest supplier.