You Think You’re Not Personally Liable?

It’s not your Company so you’re happy to sign the agreement. It doesn’t matter with this agreement, you are personally liable for payments anyway.

The following is an excerpt from the Maintenance agreement of a South East based Copier Company:

2.5 An individual signing this agreement on behalf of the Company which is, but not limited to, a charity, school, college university, limited liability partnership, firm or company , warrants that they have the appropriate authority to do so on behalf of the customer and acknowledges that if this is not the case then they shall be personally responsible for the Customers obligations set out in this agreement including the payment of all sums due to be paid by the Customer to us in accordance with this agreement, without prejudice to any rights or remedies which (Company name) may have against the customer.     

Translation: If you signed this agreement and the organisation you are or were employed by fails to make any of the payments the supplier demands, then you are personally liable for those payments.

Is that Fair?

To save yourself being scammed:

 Keep in mind this is a very creative and totally unregulated industry, therefor, you must be sure you take time to read and fully understand all the terms of an agreement before you sign it. If you do not have time or the inclination to do so, then send the agreement to us to review before you sign and for a nominal fee, we will tell you any pitfalls it holds.

Unsure about the contract you already have? whoever your supplier is, send a readable copy of the agreement to: we will look at it for free and tell you if it is fair to you.

To see more in the series of unfair agreement terms or for a copy of the ’13 Scurrilous Scams’ visit