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Unlike most of our competitors, we neither sell office equipment, finance or servicing, nor are we affiliated to any supplier, dealer or finance organisation. ……………… We really are independent.

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Avoiding the Pitfalls

You can avoid becoming a victim by following some simple rules.  Read our interesting article on: 


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One simple cost per copy covers all - NOT !

So you buy or lease your photocopier and the supplier offers you service, consumables and all parts etc on a single charge per copy, normally around 5 [...]
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The 'We give to Charity' Copier Scam

This week we look at a scam regularly operated by a firm whose Head Office is based in South London, this organisation regularly boasts in the press a [...]
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The Charities Telephone Scam

We were approached by a small London based charity who thought there was something strange about the telephone system which they leased, basically, th [...]
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R Hunter

Chas Jordan is my knight in shining armour! He has been in the business a long time, his wealth of experience in the industry is phenomenal, what he [...]


T. Meakins, Able Canopies Ltd

We initially contacted Chas in July last year to guide us through a maze of contracts that we had with our photocopier & telephone suppliers for a [...]


Janice Webster, S E Timber & Damp

We recently had one of our transit vans stolen – you just expect as a law abiding citizen and someone who holds every insurance policy required that [...]


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